Jyumin Bosai Center (Resident Disaster Prevention Center)

Disaster prevention and safe shelters

+ 81-558-55-0211

Madoguchi Zeimu-ka (Tax Affairs Division)

Alien registration, passports, general consultation, issuance of certificates, cremation/burial, National Pension Plan, and taxation

+ 81-558-52-1112

Kenko Fukushi-ka (Healthcare and Welfare Division)

Preventive vaccinations, health checks, maternity and infant healthcare services, emergency medical care, public assistance, child allowance, domestic violence, welfare services for the elderly, certification of care needs for the elderly, long-term care insurance for the elderly, and health insurance

+ 81-558-52-1116

Kankyo Eisei-ka (Environment and Sanitation Division)

Anti-pollution measures, environmental conservation, food sanitation, treatment of human waste, cemetery, pet dogs, and how to put out household garbage

+ 81-558-52-1965

Sangyo Kensetu-ka (Industral and Construction Division)

Building Standard Laws, maintenance of roads and rivers, agriculture, forestry, and fishery

+ 81-558-52-1115

Kanko Shokou-ka (Tourism, Commercial, and Industry Division)

Sightseeing, events, tourist facilities, parks, community bathhouses, commerce and industry, and consumer administration

+ 81-558-52-1114

Kigyo-ka (Enterprises Division)

Water, hot springs, water rates, and fees for hot springs

+ 81-558-52-1429

Kyoiku Iinkai Jimukyoku (Administration Office of the Board of Education)

Schools, kindergartens, nursery schools, childcare support, and sports

+ 81-558-56-0211