Sanbaso Dance at Sawa-jinja Shrine, Ushikoshi-jinja Shrine, and Shinmei-jinja Shrine

Sanbaso is a genre of traditional kabuki dance, performed by puppets and dedicated to the god of the shrines every November to pray for national peace and a rich harvest.

Kagura Dance at Komagata-jinja Shrine and Nobata-tenjinja Shrine

Kagura is a sacred dance performed to music by a few dancers wearing a lion's head mask. It is dedicated to the god of the shrines every November.

Sarukko Odori Dance

Sarukko Odori is a traditional dance performed in a fall festival every November. In the performance, children in whimsical monkey costumes dance and stand on their hands to musical accompaniment.

Gohyaku Rakan (Five Hundred Arhats) at Tofuku-ji Temple

The frescos of five hundred rakan (arhats or enlightened disciples of the Buddha) are painted on the ceiling of the main hall of the temple. With heavenly maidens arranged in every corner, the entire work represents the world above.

Art Glass and Kamo Furin Wind Chimes

Nishi-Izu is one of the few areas in Japan that produces silica, which is made into glass. Glass artists' creativity inspired Kamo Furin wind chimes. They are all handmade and produce a unique beautiful sound, each with their own personalities and hues.