Tomyogasaki Yuhodo Promenade

This is an ideal place for taking a leisure walk while viewing the calm cove below. It also commands a splendid view of the Southern Japanese Alps, Nihondaira, and Minami-Izu.

Koganezaki Yuhodo Promenade

This place offers a panoramic view of the quay glowing gold in the beautiful sunset, deep-blue Suruga Bay, and Mt. Fuji.

Ajoumisaki Yuhodo Promenade

Meander through Ajoumisaki's hiking trails which take you on a tour of the Cape with a sweeping view of the range of Dogashima Islands and Mt.Fuji. The park also has a natural hot spring foot bath to refresh your weary feet after the hike.

Artglass Workshops

Koganezaki Crystal Park offers a variety of workshops where you can experience making your own artglass.

Scuba Diving

Nishi-Izu is one of the most famous sites for scuba diving in Japan. Diving spots spread over Nishi-Izu fascinate a growing number of local and international scuba divers every year.